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Dracula 5.2 Real Me 5.3 The Replacement 5.4 Out Of My Mind 5.5 No Place Like Home 5.6 Family 5.7 Fool For Love 5.8 Shadow 5.9 Listening To Fear 5.10 Into The Woods 5.11 Triangle 5.12 Checkpoint 5.13 Blood Ties 5.14 Crush 5.15 I Was Made To Love You 5.16 The Body 5.17 Forever 5.18 Intervention 5.19 Tough Love 5.20 Spiral 5.21 The Weight Of The World 5.22 The Gift 6.1 Bargaining (1) 6.2 Bargaining (2) 6.3 After Life 6.4 Flooded 6.5 Life Serial 6.6 All The Way 6.7 Once More, With Feeling 6.8 Tabula Rasa 6.9 Smashed 6.10 Wrecked 6.11 Gone 6.12 Doublemeat Palace 6.13 Dead Things 6.14 Older And Far Away 6.15 As You Were 6.16 Hell's Bells 6.17 Normal Again 6.18 Entropy 6.19 Seeing Red 6.20 Villains 6.21 Two To Go (1) 6.22 Grave (2) 7.1 Lessons 7.2 Beneath You 7.3 Same Time, Same Place 7.4 Help 7.5 Selfless 7.6 Him 7.7 Conversations With Dead People 7.8 Sleeper 7.9 Never Leave Me 7.10 Bring On The Night 7.11 Showtime 7.12 Potential 7.13 The Killer In Me 7.14 First Date 7.15 Get It Done 7.16 Storyteller 7.17 Lies My Parents Told Me 7.18 Dirty Girls 7.19 Empty Places 7.20 Touched 7.21 End Of Days 7.22 Chosen Buffy season eight reviews (comics) I compiled quotes for every Buffy episode as I was reviewing it; they're at the bottom of each review.

But I also did a series of articles entitled Buffy Quotes for Every Occasion that featured Buffy quotes organized by topic.

The two danced around their attraction to each other for almost five seasons, trading witty barbs and meaningful glances in between the comical crime solving, all the while staying determinedly platonic—even going so far as to become involved with the occasional other (Rachael Leigh Cook, Nestor Carbonell, etc.). “When you’re burned,” he says in his opening voiceover, “you’ve got nothing: no cash, no credit, no job history.

But the most recent season of this ever-entertaining show finally brought fans some relief, with a series of fiery kisses cementing “Shawniet” as a real couple. Luke and Lorelai Gilmore Girls WB/CW 2000 – 2007 Played by Scott Patterson and Lauren Graham The ebullient Lorelai and the irascible Luke were ever a turbulent pair. You’re stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in,” where you “rely on anyone who’s still talking to you.” Luckily for him, Michael happens to have “a trigger-happy ex-girlfriend”, and she just happens to be the beauteous, charming and expertly deadly ex-IRA terrorist/current small arms dealer, Fiona Glenanne.

History and Literature Willow and Tara Live On by Lamounier A Discussion about Inconsistencies and Fashion in Buffy the Vampire Slayer by the Agents of DOUX A Few Random Thoughts About Buffy, Twenty Years Later by the Agents of DOUX Buffy Season Six: Stupendous or Stinky?

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After high school, he studied acting in Montreal, at the National Theatre School of Canada (L'École nationale de théâtre du Canada), from which he graduated in 1986.Roy Dupuis wasn't completely into his Michael bag yet, here; there were a couple un-Michael-like smiles in this episode, plus in the office scene he paced and yelled at her, which just seems odd when you've seen later episodes. He liked her, and/or he was hot for her, or why take the trouble to defy his keepers? Roy Dupuis' English is almost perfect, but there is occasionally a trace of an accent. -- The final screen in the opening credits said that Nikita was five eleven, 120 lbs, blood type O negative, hair blonde, and eyes green. ) (born April 21, 1963) is a Canadian actor best known for his role as counterterrorism operative Michael Samuelle in the television series La Femme Nikita.I like the character of Nikita just fine, but the reason I decided to write these reviews was my fascination with the character of Michael, played by Roy Dupuis. Michael is a master manipulator and he certainly started out that way here -- charming her in the restaurant, and then freezing her out and throwing her to the wolves. The license plates look sort of North American in some scenes, and Section One appears to be American, which is interesting because our two stars are not. -- I liked that honking huge wedge of pizza Nikita was eating in the teaser.