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29 Apr

Combinations with fewer numbers have no meaning for collectors.

Right from the beginning in 1904, the same codes were used by National Playing Card Co.

So, a pack with a multicoloured back design is not a very likely candidate for the period 1940-45, except for the Worshipful Company packs.

And it took several years after the war to get back to normal.

and New York Consolidated Card Co., subsidiaries by then of USPC. also used these codes, as they became part of USPC in 19 respectively.

Lee Asher develops original sleight of hand magic based on his lifetime experience as a magician.

During the Medieval era, cards were associated with sorcery and black magic, and often a full deck was thrown into the fire before a witch burning.

These cards may have been brought by North African Moors, whose influence on southern Europe was strong at this time.

But where the Moors got playing cards, or whether they invented them at all, is a good deal less clear.

The United States Playing Card Company, established in 1867, produces and distributes many brands of playing cards, including Bicycle, Bee, Hoyle, Kem, and others, plus novelty and custom cards, and other playing card accessories such as poker chips. Morgan, recruited a talented, young inventor from New York named Samuel J. changed its name to the United States Printing Company.

The company was once based in Cincinnati, Ohio, but is now headquartered in the Cincinnati suburb of Erlanger, Kentucky. Murray, whose patented inventions increased the output of cards at the company's Norwood, Ohio plant fourfold and cut labor costs by 66 percent. The playing card business was successful enough that it was spun off as a separate business in 1894, as The United States Playing Card Company.